Hand Crafted

Our honey is hand crafted. We let the honey flow naturally into the bottle the way nature intended. We do not rush our honey through the use of conveyors, pipes, automatic bottlers, or any other processing equipment.

We make a gourmet honey that requires a hands on approach and a lot of love and attention. By hand crafting our honey we ensure you are getting the most pure natural honey possible.We do not use pipes, conveyors, bottling tanks, pressure vessels, filters, heaters or any automated equipment that can alter the honeys natural state.

Raw & Unheated

Unheated honey moves slow, but that's just how we like it. Our unheated honey contains all its natural active enzymes. We let it drip slowly through the screen into your bottle. Heating honey destroys enzymes and that's not good.

Many companies heat honey and still call it unheated. They justify this by saying the heat mimics natural hive conditions but they are still applying heat. Some companies mislead consumers by saying no high heat is used without defining the heat they are applying. Honey Feast honey is truly unheated.

Lightly Screened

Screened not filtered. Pollen ranges in size up to 200 microns. That's why we let the honey naturally drip through a 200 millimeter screen to remove bee parts and large wax pieces before bottling. This 200 millimeter screen is our complete processing line.

Most raw natural honey producers use a 50 millimeter pressure filter to filter the honey but still call it unfiltered. They call it a screen but its actually a filter. Filtering honey with a 50 millimeter filter strips many of the particles out of the honey that can make it crystallize and last longer on the shelf. Honey Feast honey uses only a 200 millimeter screen.
Mount Dora Olive Oil Company uses Honey Feast honey.
Marriott Sawgrass Resort uses Honey Feast honey.
Infusion Tea sells Honey Feast honey.
Rollin Oats Markets sell Honey Feast honey.
Love Whole Foods sells Honey Feast honey.
Hoovers Market sells Honey Feast honey.

Small Batch Honey

We make our honey one barrel at a time. Each barrel is lightly screened and bottled right from the barrel without blending, storage tanks and pipe systems. Our honey floral varieties are pure, unblended and unaltered.

Did you know Orange Blossom honey can be 51% Orange Blossom and 49% cheap mid-west clover honey? It's true. Blending in the honey business is common practice. We choose to bottle right from each barrel with 100% pure floral sources.

Organic Floral Sources

Most of our floral sources are from remote areas. They are also not used in farming activities and are in their pure natural state. We call these organic floral sources. The land is not USDA certified land but the flowers are remote and organic.

In order for honey to be USDA organic certified the hives need 4 miles of certified organic land. This ensures 100% of the flowers the bees visited were organic. Well that type of land does not exist in the USA for commercial production. All USDA organic honey in the stores comes from Brazil and Canada. However, we do make 100% american honey that is primarily from organic floral sources.

American Honey

We do not import honeys from outside of the USA. We currently only bottle 100% American made Florida honey. Many honeys on the market today are blended with Chinese, Brazilian or Argentinian honeys.

All bottles must show the country of origin. Most honeys in the store are blended with cheap foreign honeys from China, Brazil, and Argentina. Rarely are these honeys tested for pesticides or heavy metals. What's in your honey? Honey Feast honey is a great choice for a hand crafted safe honey.
Lucky's Market Orlando sells Honey Feast honey.
Lucky's Market Gainesville sells Honey Feast honey
Lucky's Market Naples sells Honey Feast honey.
Joe and Sons Olive Oils uses Honey Feast honey.
The Farmacy sells Honey Feast honey
Petty's Meats sells Honey Feast honey.

Brazilian Pepper Honey

Brazilian Pepper is a non native holly bush grown in Florida. Surprisingly there is no spicy taste or pepper taste to it, the pepper is all in the name. When you hold brazilian pepper honey up to some light you can see a light green tint on the upper edge of the honey. It has a nice complex taste with a mild finish.The Brazilian Pepper bushes we use are organic floral sources for our honey.
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Florida Holly Honey

Florida Holly honey comes from a unique holly bush in Florida. It is our strongest tasting honey. It has hints of molasses or some say it has an earthy taste to it. It has a dark rich color and is a nice addition to the kitchen to add a new dimension to your honey taste.
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Orange Blossom Honey

Orange blossom honey is our best selling honey. In March the Florida orange trees bloom and hives are placed in the groves of Florida. Orange blossom is the first honey to be produced each year. The bees love the nectar and pollen from the orange blossoms and are surrounded by wonderful orange groves all around. Our orange blossom honey is a light colored honey that darkens throughout the year. There is a high amount of pollen in the honey and most people can taste the orange in the honey.
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Sea Grape Honey

As you walk over the dunes onto the beach in Florida everyone passes the big green leaves. Did you know they actually produce an edible grape? These are sea grapes and their flowers are where the bees get nectar and pollen for our Sea Grape honey. For those looking for the absolute sweetest honey with an almost buttery taste this is the winner. I personally like Sea Grape honey more than the famous Tupelo honey. A rare Florida honey available most of the year.
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Wild Flower Honey

Wild Flower honey contains the most diverse range of pollen sources because it has a little bit of everything in it. All floral sources are used to create wild flower honey in Florida. Sometimes there is a hint of oak, sometimes its extra sweet. Every time it is great! Since we do not blend barrels each barrel might have a slightly different color and taste. Its the perfect honey for the allergy sufferer looking for a local honey.
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Gallberry Honey

Our Gallberry honey is a very thick mild honey with a very light clean color. It will darken through the year. Gallberry honey is the mildest honey we produce and makes an excellent additive to foods and tea. It will not change the taste of the beverage as much as the other honeys we produce.The Gallberry bushes are organic floral sources for our honey.
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Mangrove Honey

Mangrove honey is a rare Florida honey. Due to construction along our coastal areas, abundant areas of mangroves suitable for honey production are harder to find. Our mangrove honey comes from protected lagoons in Florida. Mangroves bloom at the same time each year in June. The honey is one of the most complex flavorful honeys we produce. It is the most popular honey at the farmers markets. It has a very sweet taste with several different layers of flavor right through to the finish. A truly unique Florida honey.
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Palm Honey

Most palm related honey in Florida is palmetto from the palmetto bush. Our Palm honey is from actual native palm trees called cabbage palms. The trees are located throughout Florida. It is also a very strong flavorful honey similar to mangrove honey in taste. It is our number 2 favorite at the farmers markets.
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Tupelo Honey

Tupelo honey is one of the most googled honeys in the world. It has a reputation of being the best of the best. Each year in the Panhandle of Florida there is a small town called Wewahitchka that produces all of our Tupelo honey. In 2015 we did not get a single drop of Tupelo honey due to a storm. We are looking forward to a great 2016 for Tupelo. Get it while you can it will be gone fast. Tupelo is often dilluted and altered by other honey producers to save money. If you want REAL TUPELO HONEY, look no further than Honey Feast.
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